You're serious about change...

My signature 1:1 program isn't for everyone, and if you've landed on this page - chances are you're looking to see if this is the right investment for YOU. 


So let's start there...

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My intention for you...

Although each of my clients are different, they all want to thrive - in life & in business.  Here's what I want for you... 

  • Clarity.  Not a superficial clarity, but a type that comes from facing your fears to reveal your truest desires - in life and in business. 

  • Self leadership - feeling like you can really trust yourself with the big and little things. From how you'll approach a difficult conversation to creating your future. 

  • Accepting yourself, all of yourself, as you are. Now. 

  • Recognising the patterns that used to keep you stuck and creating new ones that help you make progress 

  • Truly enjoying the journey of your own life again

"If you decide to work with Nik, it's inevitable - you're going to build an inner confidence that will shine even through your darkest of times..."

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Growing pains? Love 'em...

I celebrate when my clients tell me they feel like they're in the messy middle, the confusion. the discomfort, the 'mush'...

Because I know if they hold space for it, if they learn to sit with the discomfort (rather than numbing it out), what's on the other side of those growing pains will lead them closer to themselves and where they really want to be.  Who they really want to be.  

...and that, right there, is the beauty of this experience. 

The thing you've been running from, is the very thing that will serve you, if you let it. 

There comes a point in life where you realise you've outsourced your happiness...

On the promotion or the salary. 

On their acceptance. 

On the perfect weight, shape, size. 

On business milestone. 

On feeling 'enough'. 

The voice of your inner wisdom calling you home will start with small whispers, and by the time you get to me - it's usually hollering at you to get your attention. 

Together, we tap into that inner wisdom that was there all along and place you back where you should be - as the leader in your own life. 

The detail...

Access to my private coaching calendar to book in fortnightly zoom coaching sessions for four months

Complimentary lifetime access to The Thrive First Method™ 

A Human Design reading from the only HD expert I trust to deepen your self awareness

Access to direct support & accountability between sessions

There's always a "but"...

It's important you know what to expect.  If you get on a consultation call with me, prepare for some questions:

  • How ready are you to own your own journey?

  • How committed are you to working through limiting beliefs & the messy middle? 

  • How prepared are you to be challenged and get really, REALLY close to yourself? 

...the biggest 'but' is: the depth of your growth is up to you

I will:

  • Support you unconditionally

  • Call you out on the BS that is holding you back 

  • Show you where you're avoiding, numbing out and distracting yourself and support you in building better habits 

  • Help you to truly trust yourself and once again, feel that feeling of inner security & peace you want 

  • Help you get clear on what you REALLY want & help you create it 

Life & business will always present challenges, hurdles and your growth will always demand for you to step into a new aligned version of yourself. 

Learning how to do that is priceless.