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As a leadership coach with 15 years' experience in learning & development and people performance, I believe that leadership starts with the leader ... which is why all of the work we do together starts with YOU.  I'm here to remove the blockers to creating high performance for your business, your team and most importantly … YOU.

My own journey has seen me in roles from accredited Trainer through to People Performance Director ... my greatest achievements and by far my most meaningful work has been working with leaders to develop their knowledge, skills and most importantly,

their behaviours and mindset. 

Time and time again, I've seen business owners spend on processes, training and systems ... are they necessary? Yes.  Are they effective without the right leadership mindset to execute them? No.

And that's exactly how THRIVE Life & Business was born.  After spotting the gap in personal development, I wanted to give leaders the mindset tools, strategies and skills to fully embody their leadership roles ... to stop holding themselves back - even if they deem themselves to be an 'accidental leader'.

Now leaders turn to me when they're ready to step fully into their role, lead with confidence ... and ... you guessed it - THRIVE in both their life AND their business. 

Imposter syndrome, negative thinking and limiting beliefs make an already tough job even harder ... Which is why doing the inner work on our mindset is the catalyst to real, sustainable progress & success.


It's a tough gig being the boss, and can sometimes be a lonely one too.  I'm here to co-create success with you.  Together, we focus on the inner work - leaving you totally empowered to remove the blockers to creating the change, transformation & success you deserve for your business and for YOU.


An intensive 4 month (minimum) journey.  The signature 1:1 bespoke coaching programme will empower you to achieve success with your business, your team and your life.  

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You know how I struggle with difficult conversations, well this week dealt with an issue confidently. I told this member of  staff, exactly what I wanted.... it felt so liberating to not compromise my feeling and just say want I want and what I don’t want,  plainly with no room for misinterpretation.


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