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I see you - there is something you want to do, be or have ...that's why you're reading this. 

I see you, and I've been you. 

I've felt the discomfort that comes with...

  • Seeing a glimpse of what is on the other side of your fears, but getting stuck on that first step

  • Knowing deep down what you want, but pretending you don’t (because when you "don't know", or you're confused, you get the false benefit of not taking action ... and so you get stuck in the the known discomfort, instead of stepping into the unknown discomfort) 

  • Feeling that pull that there is a thing you want to do be or have … but the thing that is in your own way, is actually yourSELF. ​

  • Watching on as others take bold steps towards their dreams while you watch from the side-lines


I've felt that discomfort and frustration.  I've guided countless others through and out of being stuck ... and THAT is why I created DO THE THING. 

The reason it feels hard to make progress has NOTHING to do with your ability, you aren't doing 'it' wrong.  You don't need to know what each step will be or have the perfect strategy.  It's got nothing to do with any of those things - and has EVERYTHING to do with the inner work and the energy that is driving your actions (and inaction).

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The DO THE THING framework has changed the trajectory of my life & my mission is to use it to help YOU change yours too.  

For over 15 years I've been studying & teaching leadership and so when I applied everything I'd learnt to mySELF, it helped me to:

  • Get promoted

  • Quit my job 

  • Launch a successful coaching business 

  • Buy my dream home 

  • Start a podcast (& keep it going)! 

  • Transform my relationship with food 

  • Build a successful & impactful membership...from scratch 

  • Create time for my physical, spiritual & nutritional goals every week, yes EVEN WHEN things are going to shit

  • Nurture loving relationships in my personal life

  • ...and SO MUCH MORE.  

Everything I now do...

Everything I now have...

Everything that I now AM...is down to the DO THE THING framework and my practice of it. 

...And so, I have built the DO THE THING framework to create as big of an impact as I can by sharing what I know works.  

Am I the only testimonial? Nope! Read on...


Claire, Award winning sales leader

Nikki’s guidance got me changing my habits from ones that were destructive to ones that not only kept me alive in a really challenging time, but have helped me to now truly thrive.  Nikki helped me to find ways of holding myself accountable and through her guidance she made me realise that I have choices, and I really am the author of my own life.

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Nick, the Highly Sensitive Guy

I wouldn't be about to transition out of a lifelong career and incongruent full time role into an authentic career/my own business without the work we did together to clear the way Nik!


Sarah, Hearts at Claremont

Nikki has helped me to focus on my career goals and find the courage and confidence to turn my dreams into a reality! She has taught me that with the right mindset, anything is possible!

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Amy, Senior Manager

Nikki has helped me to love myself & find my way home. & so much more!

I now trust that it is safe to feel, to break & to receive. That it doesn’t have to be hard but it gets to be easy. That I don’t have to push but that it’s safe to surrender & trust in the timing of my life.

Integrating this has helped me to heal from the most difficult moment of my life, & with greater self compassion comes a quiet confidence now in what I do, both at work & in life. & steadily I’m breaking patterns, stepping out of family drama but from a place of deep self respect & with an open heart, rather than putting up defences & shutting out those I love dearly.


Gareth, Law Firm Partner

The last thing anyone in a leadership role could afford to be in the last 24 months is indecisive. In these unprecedented times the only wrong decision would be not making one.  Nikki has helped me be the decision maker my business has needed. Nikki’s coaching has given me the confidence to make decisions & taught me to accept that not all of them will turn out to be the right ones.  It’s OK that a decision may prove not to be the right one. The success hides in the making of that decision and as long as it’s been made for the right reasons will NEVER be wrong.

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Jen, New Business Owner

Nik helped me to uncover what I really want to do in life.

Her coaching, framework and her wisdom gave me the confidence and belief to launch my own business - a lifelong dream I never thought would be possible before I met Nik.

I was getting stuck on the detail, the steps - overcomplicating things.  Through the work I have learnt how to self coach and take the best next step.

AND actually enjoy it! 

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There are 6 modules that we cover over 8 weeks.

To be clear: this is NOT about tellingteaching.  This is about developing & integrating

Inside DO THE THING we share a joint responsibility, you and I.  And the framework is our guide.

The 6 modules will be released in weekly live workshops as follows:

1. Preparing to DO THE THING  - releasing and letting go of what no longer serves you.

Understanding what has been holding you back and learning how to become intentional with your actions, thoughts & energy

2. Desire, want, dream - getting clear on what you really want. 

Your desires, goals & dreams are as unique as you are - it's time to pay attention to them! 

3. Become a match for what you want

It isn't supposed to be hard or stressful - it get's to be easy for you.  Let's remove the confusion and uncertainty and start ENJOYING the process.  

4. Working with fear, resistance & the "but's"... 

Practice self coaching through the stuff that used to make you do a U-turn.

5. Taking inspired, aligned, joyful action.  

Discover and DO the small steps that will inevitably lead you in the direction you're going. 

This is where desire MEETS joyful action. 

6. DO THE THING - the practice

You've learnt the steps to take yourself through...Now we embed.  Now we integrate,  Now we embody.  


DO THE THING won’t just help you do the thing…


...it will change how you approach all things you want to have, do or be…forever.


  • Weekly LIVE modules - ran each Wednesday 7pm UK time from 26th Jan

  • All modules recorded and available on replay

  • Worksheets to support & encourage accountability 

  • You get access for LIFE - including module updates, additions AND monthly group coaching 

  • BONUS: as a constant reminder that you absolutely are DOING THE THING, join now to receive your exclusive gifts



  • You will get to create your log in details to access the private portal

  • Your address will be added so we can get your bonus gift to you 
  • On the 24th Jan you'll be able to log in and get access to the welcome & orientation guide in preparation for the 26th start date!

  • You'll enjoy & benefit from DO THE THING, for life! 


Did I mention...


...I'm THAT confident you'll love DO THE THING AND make progress towards what you want to do, be or have, that included in your price is a money back guarantee? Terms apply.