• Nikki Cross

Burnt out? What NOT to do...

Burnout... we are NOT friends.

With all the will in the world, you could show up to Power Planning each week but it's inevitable one point or another, all of us will feel burn out.

(Sh)it happens.

I'm talking about...

  • When you're drowning in overwhelm

  • When your to-do list is getting longer, but your energy reserves are depleting

  • When you KNOW what you should do ...but you just... don't

  • When you can't find the joy in anything because your head is elsewhere

If any / all of the above is relatable ...let's talk.

Enter episode 52 of the Inner Work Conversation...


In this episode I'm here to speak to that version of you that is IN the burn out because let's face it - you could push on, but that's not worked for you so far ...has it?

And at what cost?

This is a 25 minute episode that will shine a new perspective and give you a loving (...but straight talking, very sweary...) reminder of what NOT to do during these times.

As always - I'd love it if you'd rate, review and share this episode with another who it might benefit!

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