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How to prepare for goal setting

Setting new goals can be both exciting and (...if we're honest...) slightly overwhelming.

This overwhelm usually, in my experience of working with leaders, comes from a place of remembering.

...remember that time you set goals and they fizzled out?

...remember when you set goals and they ended up in your drawer?

...remember the motivation you had at the beginning...yeah, where did THAT go?!

I love goal setting...ADORE it. I am a firm believer in the notion "you can't measure your success against a goal you didn't set."

BUT...I am also a believer in priming. As the epic Tony Robbins says: You can learn to change your state of mind by changing your physical state with an effective priming routine.

So how do we effectively prepare for goal setting? I answer this exact question in episode 30 of the Inner Work Conversation

If you haven't got time to listen, I've got you. here are the four key tips I'm sharing to help you reflect before you head on into goal setting:

1. Look back over the things you said you wanted to achieve and review your progress

THE most important question (for learning) is: WHY.

Did you smash your goals? ...why?

Did you flunk? ...why?

Did you create goals and put them in a drawer never to be seen again ...why?

Understanding WHY you got the results that you did will help you know what to do more of / less of / different next time.

2. Acknowledge where you didn't hold yourself accountable

Personal accountability is as much of a success strategy as it is a self love strategy. Using discipline to do the things that will pull you towards your goals (even when you don't really feel like it) could be the factor between you achieving your goals or not.

So reflect on where you didn't hold yourself accountable - this will inform where you might need to build in systems, strategies or more accountability next time.

3. “Next time I will” instead of “this means I am…”

Detach. Detach. Detach. I'll say it again: Detach.

YOU are not your results. Your results are your results. None of this … "oh I didn't do X so this means I’m Y"

  • I didn't spend enough time with my kids - this means I’m a shit parent

  • I didn't achieve my revenue goals this means I’m shit at my job

NO. TO. THAT. SHIT. Try...

  • I notice I didn't spend enough time with my kids - this means I can do XYZ to change that.

  • I didn't achieve my revenue goals - I can see this is because I didn't ask enough people to work with me I’m gonna focus more on that set a few goals around sales conversations

Let your failures inform you, not define you.

4. Before you plan, or move on from reflection ask yourself: how can you better support yourself moving forward?

Before you jump into setting goals, reflect on how you may be able to better support yourself moving forward - I share some real insight and examples of how in the episode so make time to tune in!


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