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Limiting beliefs in Leadership

Limiting beliefs can make leadership lonely. They're funny things too ...they can be so tricky to identify and they can literally impact everything we do, in life and in business. But our limiting beliefs are called “limiting” for a reason.

I know if you're here, you are a leader with big goals and that's exactly why Thrive Life & Business exists - to help you achieve them. But in order to do that, I need you to learn the art of mastering the inner work first...Why? Because all change starts with awareness - and that's exactly what I'm discussing in episode 23 of the Inner Work Conversation.

When your limiting beliefs are working against you making progress towards your goals, it's like driving with the handbrake on. And the BIG reason you aren't making the progress you really want to make is because you don't yet know how to release your limiting beliefs handbrake...yet!

Once you master the art of recognising your limiting beliefs and how they are holding you back, you'll be able to make progress towards your goals without burning out!

In this episode...

  • I talk honestly about how my own personal experience with limiting beliefs & self doubt held me back and slowed me down

  • I lift the lid so you can see what is really possible for you and realise your potential

  • I want to dispel the myth that you can't make progress at the same time as doing the inner work (...what a load of BS!)

...What's that? You haven't got time to listen? I've got you. Here are the tips from the episode:

TIP 1:

Perhaps it's time to give SMART the sack! The 'realistic' element of SMART teaches us to set realistic goals. And where do realistic goals come from?

Your limiting beliefs.

Instead of setting a realistic goal, try setting a stretching goal with a focus on detaching your self worth from the result and the main focus being your personal & professional growth.


Review your HVA's.

HVA = high value activity.

If your goals are meek, lukewarm & uninspiring...then your HVA's will be too!

The best way to litmus test if limiting beliefs are holding you back and keeping you small is by noticing how you spend your time.


Notice your 'off the cuff' comments that you're unconsciously accepting as fact.

What do you hold to be true about what is possible for you?

Explore your beliefs and affirm:

"I am open to seeing myself in another light. I am open to more than this."


Ask. For. Help.

When we don't feel 'good enough' to achieve our goals, we usually hide so that the world doesn't see.

If we hide, we can't be judged. If we hide, nobody can see we have failed. We go solo.

This time, instead of hiding your struggle, build in some support by asking for it. Ask yourself: who could I ask for help to feel more supported with this, right now?


Want an even punchier reminder to save and come back to? I've got you covered there too...

Links from the episode:

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