• Nikki Cross

If you're 'stuck' with your personal development

I see you.

I know you're forcing, and frustrated.

I know you're clinging to logic and rationalisation.

I know you've invested in courses but can't implement your learning

…because you're scared. Intimidated. Insecure. Full of self doubt.

And it's ok.

THIS kind of personal development is deeper. Richer. Broader.

It's the kind that changes you forever - so let's go THERE.

If I'm really honest ... I've spend the most part of my career driving the higher levels of the Kirkpatrick model (check out one of my earlier episodes to hear more on this), which means to implement your learning and get ROI ... it's about action.

But the more and more I'm stepping into thought leadership - I'm realising that THIS kind of development takes for a different integration.

Which to the untrained eye... often looks like doing, well ... nothing!

That's exactly you're going to get from this episode of the Inner Work Conversation.

How to truly embed deep, behavioural change.

It goes waaaay past personal development I suppose - into the realms of healing, unlearning and truly becoming.

Here's the episode - it's a short one, and if you do feel stuck with your personal development, I hope you get tons from this episode!



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Another episode on your personal development

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