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Time management tips for leaders who are burning out...

Is your time getting hijacked?

Do you feel like you start the week with the best intentions ...and then you blink and it's Friday again?!

You're working flat out but not getting very far?'s time to get intentional with your time.

I know if you're here, you are a leader with big goals and that's exactly why Thrive Life & Business exists - to help you achieve them. But taking control of your time is much, MUCH more than some cheap productivity hacks. And I know you know this already ...because the likelihood is, you've tried them!

So what exactly IS the real reason your time keeps getting hijacked? Tha'ts exactly what I'm discussing in episode 25 of the Inner Work Conversation.

I'm a fan of planning, goal setting and productivity practices - I really am. But I also know that in order to actually achieve the results you want to, then you have to be comfortable with the things not many are:

  • Setting, communicating and upholding healthy boundaries

  • Saying "no"

  • Letting go

  • Supporting them ...not saving them

  • Releasing control

  • Prioritising and setting the right pace for you

...Master these, and you'll be able to make progress towards your goals without burning out! Lucky for you I've done a whole episode on exactly this...

In this episode...

  • I share relatable examples of how getting your time hijacked impacts your life...and your business

  • I lift the lid on our Power Planning method that we do weekly inside Thrive Together

  • I share 4 easy-to-implement tips to increasing your productivity, and decreasing risk of burn-out

...What's that? You haven't got time to listen? I've got you. Here are some take away tips for you to implement right now:

TIP 1:

If you don’t respect your time ...don’t expect them to either.

Show others how to treat your time by setting, communicating & upholding healthy boundaries.

This isn’t a one time trick - both you and them have to make behavioural change so you’ll want to repeat this till it becomes the new ‘norm’ for you both.


Stop saving the day.

You might not want to hear this, but: is the main person hijacking your time!

If you are the one not setting boundaries, stepping in when others haven’t even asked for help or over involving yourself in situations that they could figure out on their own. Step back.


Assess your people pleasing tendencies...

If you don't feel 'good enough', you could be over compensating by people pleasing.

If you avoid saying “no”, or if you say “yes” to things you don't really want to do then it might be time to investigate that. Journaling is a great place to start.


Get help with goal setting & planning...

Leaders often feel shame around not being organised because they feel like they 'should'.

Have you made the common error of assuming you 'should' know how to plan?!...If so, I can help you with that. Take a look HERE at my group membership Thrive Together.


Want an even punchier reminder to save and come back to? I've got you covered there too...

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