You're ready to take back your power...

... Over how you spend your time 

...Over how you speak to yourself 

...Over making progress towards goals that ACTUALLY mean something to you

Sound like you? You're in the right place.

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Picture this...

You've got MORE time & space to think, feel and BE in your life & business...

You KNOW what thriving looks like to you ...AND treat it as a priority...

You're making progress towards meaningful goals that are connected to the bigger vision you have for yourself...

You're supported each week to plan and actually follow through on the things you want to do...

THIS is just the start of what using the Thrive First Method™ will help you to create.  

The perfect combination of strategy, mindset and the inner work for you to truly thrive FIRST life AND in business.

"I'm not just doing busy work or procrastinating anymore. It feels like for the first time I'm planning my life & business in a way that is aligned to ME. Not this fictitious version of who I'd LIKE to be, but for the REAL me."
Charlotte Goss, OBM & systems queen
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What's included?


Lifetime access to the Thrive First Method™ & future updates

The TFM™ programme contains 5 modules and 40+ lessons recorded in both audio and video so you can learn at your desk, or on-the-go!

Once you sign up, you get lifetime access to the programme and continued access FOR LIFE to future added content so that as you grow, you can continue to practice the TFM™ as the landscape of life & business changes  so you can continue to thrive FIRST.


90 days free access to the EXCLUSIVE Thrive First Membership

Only accessible by those who've signed up for the TFM™ programme, get access to LIVE support with video calls where we practice the method TOGETHER with...

Quarterly "Connect to Yourself"

• Monthly "Zoom Out Goal Setting"


• PLUS group coaching & a private podcast for you to learn on the go!

And after the 90 days is up?

...You can cancel or stay in the membership for £79 per month on a monthly rolling contract!


A welcome gift inc. physical copies of TFM™ workbook & journal

Who doesn't love hard copies that SUPPORT your learning?!

The life changing impacts of the Thrive First Method™ come when you take action & do things differently. So, once you sign up, you'll be sent your welcome parcel containing the tools to actually IMPLEMENT your learning.  

...Come on, we all LOVE a welcome gift, right?!


The 5 modules improve your relationship with your to-do list, your goals, your time ...and yourSELF!

No two people are the same. 

We all have our own preferences, unique set of life circumstances, goals & dreams. 

So why should the way you plan & go about your life and business be the same? 

The 5 modules of the Thrive First Method™ support you to build a structure to suit YOU that feels SUPPORTIVE, not restrictive.  To do this, you need to know how to...


1. Connect to yourSELF - and feel certain on your likes, dislikes, natural rhythms & what thriving really looks like YOU

2. ZOOM OUT, connect to your bigger vision & set goals - knowing that PLAN, DO, REVIEW will take care of the detail for you so you can actually follow through! 

3. PLAN - Each week we identify ways you can execute on your goals, get shit done and thrive FIRST (yes, really)

4. DO - Because life & business has it's curve balls, you'll be taught how to navigate challenges & coach yourself through uncertainty & adversity

5. REVIEW - Learn how to celebrate your wins & take the lessons from each week so you can make progress and be truly present with the people you love!

You don't have to do it alone...

When you sign up to TFM™ you get exclusive access to the Thrive First Membership for 90 days! 

It's only in the Thrive First Membership where we PRACTICE the method TOGETHER.

And after the 90 days is up? YOU get to decide whether you stay, or leave! 

As a member you get access to...

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Connect to yourSELF
- LIVE workshop

Uncover the parts of yourself you never really acknowledged, or if you did…you made yourself ‘wrong’ for being that way.  Get to know your preferences, what drains you & what fills you up, how you talk to yourself & what thriving looks like to YOU.

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ZOOM OUT & set goals
- LIVE workshop

We zoom alllll the way out to then zoom back in.  We get clear on what you want: how you want to feel, who you want to BE, what you want to DO & HAVE …and we translate that into tangible goals that feel empowering, not intimidating.

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LIVE sessions & support

Goals are just fancy words without the ability to execute on them & follow through.  It's in PLAN, DO, REVIEW where you'll learn how to make meaningful progress, actually get shit done AND of course, thrive first.  

PLUS access to...

The private TFM podcast

Get coached in group coaching 

Bonus topic workshops that compliment the method


When you sign up to the Thrive First Method, you'll be gifted with two vital tools for learning the method and practicing the method:

The Thrive First Method Workbook - this will act as your personal guide through the modules.  It will be a space for your notes, thoughts, breakthroughs, 'ah-ha' moments and personal reflections. 

The Thrive First Journal - this will empower you to PRACTICE the method in your every day life & business.  Because who needs the faff or 1,000,000 notebooks for different things when you can have it all in one place?! 

You're so welcome here...

I'm Nikki Cross, and initially I created TFM ...for mySELF 

(...but I'm a share bear, so...)


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It's true.  I really did create the method for me first.  After an 18 year career in People Development, it was finally time for me to fly the corporate nest and go it alone. 

*Enter Thrive Life & Business*

With nobody to answer to and all the results on me, I found my time heavily impacted by behaviours I well and truly thought I'd far left behind:

...People pleasing


...A lack of clarity on my direction


...the list goes on... 

I knew I had goals, but they either felt so vague & far away, or too clear & enormous for me to even begin making progress. 


So I got 'busy'.  Busy saying "yes" to misaligned projects.  Busy with my to-do list.  Busy scrolling.  And any progress I did make came at the cost of my own wellbeing.  THIS is how the Thrive First Method was created, and now I want to share it with YOU.   

In case you were wondering...

Who is TFM for?

Ask yourself three questions:

1) Am I the person who makes decisions around how I spend my time & what goals I have? 

2) Would I like to make BETTER decisions on this?

3) Am I prepared to do things differently?

If you answered 'YES' to all three ...then this is for you. 

Does TFM give me a specific planning strategy to follow?

If you're looking for a set in stone strategy, this isn't for you.  TFM helps you figure out what works for YOU.  It doesn't give you a one size fits all planning system ...because one size doesn't fit all. 

What's the commitment? 

FINANCIALLY: You can sign up to the method for £799 you get access to the method for life & 90 days free access to the Thrive First Membership.  There are payment plans available at no extra cost too. 

After the first 90 days, if you decide to continue with the membership, it's £79 per month on a monthly rolling contract. 

TIME COMMITMENT: (Initially) you'll spend an hour a week LEARNING the method, and approx. an hour a week PRACTICING the method.  

This may seem a lot to you, especially if you're currently feeling 'time-poor' but let me reassure you, you'll be SAVING time...but don't take MY word for it! Listen to a current TFM'ers answer to this question HERE.

I want to join, but the doors are currently closed - what do I do while I wait?

You head to the Inner Work Conversation podcast HERE and soak up as much free advice & tips as you can! 

Can I do this alongside other courses / programmes?


In fact, it'll help you pace yourself, integrate what you're learning in other programmes and not yoyo between getting overwhelmed and procrastinating! Don't believe me? CLICK HERE.

What if I don't know what my goals are?!

This is more common than you think.  Don't worry - module 2 ("Zoom Out Goal Setting") will give you the clarity you need.  But don't take MY word for it! Hear from a TFM'er by clicking HERE.

What do you 'get'?

Lifetime access to the method, 90 days access to the Thrive First Membership & a welcome gift. 

For more details, click HERE.

What happens to the membership once my initial free 90 days are up?

You will get an e-mail reminding you your 90 day period is coming to an end.  At this point you can either choose to cancel, or you do nothing and will be billed £79 p/m on a monthly rolling contract and remain a member.  Click HERE to see what membership access gives you. 

Do you offer refunds?

When you join, you will have 7 days to change your mind (in writing to  The timeframe on this is strict and there are no refunds outside of this window. 

What if I can't make the live events & workshops?

Totally fine - they're all recorded and available on replay shortly after each session. 

Will this help me figure out what makes ME thrive? 

Yes.  Module 1 ("Connect to yourSELF") will help you figure out what fills you back up ...and the PLAN, DO, REVIEW process will help you practically implement it!

Do I have to be a business owner?


You simply have to have autonomy over the way you spend your time & your goals.

Who isn't this for?

This isn't for you if you're not prepared to go through the discomfort of unlearning & learning new ways that serve your highest good & progress towards meaningful goals. 

If you want that 'feel-good-factor' but aren't prepared to practically apply what you've learnt, you won't benefit from TFM. 

I'm already REALLY busy, I don't think I have time...

Most of my clients feel too time poor before they sign up to sign up, so I interviewed them and asked THEM to answer this for you:


Listen to their answers in episode 94, 95 and 96 of the Inner Work Conversation.  

I have another question... 

....and I want to hear it!


Message me on with the subject 'TFM question' and I'll get back to you as soon as I'm able.  

What happens when I sign up?

  • You'll get an E-Mail from the portal.  Please make sure is saved to your 'safe users' list ...or the E-Mail might end up in your junk mail!

  • The welcome mail will include a welcome guide giving you guidance on exactly how to get started

  • You'll get a unique link & instructions to join the private podcast (available in Google Play or Apple Podcasts)

  • You'll be sent your welcome gift through the post (please allow longer during busy periods / overseas shipping)

“That was the first time I have not felt overwhelmed by goal setting. I knew what my bigger vision was but I could never connect it all together - and now I EASILY can
...AND I am actually making progress!."