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Where leaders THRIVE...

Joining THRIVE TOGETHER will help you...

Overcome self doubt and silence your inner critic

Finally break up with procrastination and achieve your goals.

Find the time to do your job AND be a great leader (yes, it's possible) 

Cultivate a self trust & calm self belief that's unwavering, even when times are tough.

Empower yourself and your team to reach your full potential.

Genuinely feel resilient to set backs and judgement of others 


...imagine how that would feel...


...want to hear it for yourself? No problem!...


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Hi, I'm Nikki.


I’m the founder of THRIVE Life & Business and host of the top-rated personal development podcast The Inner Work Conversation.

With 15 years of leadership development under my belt and an string of successful transformations with my clients, I want to help leaders like YOU overcome your fear of failure & rejection ... and give you the tools, confidence and ability to step up, and lead

I'd be over the moon if you'd join me, and I'm ready to support you! 


Does this sound like you...?

  • You feel like you're constantly winging it ... and you'd like to, you know ... NOT

  • The thought of having difficult conversations makes you want to hide in the cupboard

  • You want to strike that balance between motivating your people and holding them accountable (...truth be told, you'd like to be able to do this for yourself too!)  

  • You want the tools and practical steps to be able to deal with things in the moment (instead of overthinking for hours after with "I wish I'd have said THIS or THAT...)

  • You just ... want... to ... stop ... procrastinating, and get (sh)it done

  • You wish you and your team could be more resilient to judgement of others & setbacks

  • You really really REALLY wish you had more time. Really. 

YES?... then THRIVE TOGETHER is perfect for YOU


...Join THRIVE TOGETHER and get...


My fear of failure used to stop me from even trying, I'd just avoid things.  Now I feel like I can tackle challenges head on. I can lead like I know what I'm doing now!

Working with Nikki has changed the game, I  used to overthink everything.  I'd procrastinate to avoid getting it wrong and blame it on lack of time. Now I get stuff done AND feel confident doing it.  

No more confidence yoyo-ing Nik, I can now trust that whatever happens ... I'll handle it.  It sounds so simple but to not chase perfection anymore is liberating! 

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Questions you might have...

Wie viele Follikeleinheiten brauche ich?

Die Antwort variiert je nach Zustand der Haare.

Wie lange dauert eine Haartransplantation?

Eine Haartransplantation dauert in der Regel zwischen 6-8 Stunden, abhängig von der benötigten Graft-Anzahl.

Kann ich direkt nach der Haarverpflanzung wieder arbeiten ?

Sie können sofort in Ihren Alltag zurückkehren und ca. 2-3 Tage nach der Operation wieder anfangen zu arbeiten. Bitte beachten Sie jedoch, dass Sie 12-15 Tage nach der Haartransplantation eine Kruste auf Ihrem transplantierten Bereich haben werden.

Bieten Sie eine Garantie für die Haartransplantation an?

Ja, wir geben unseren Patienten eine lebenslange Garantie. Wir bestätigen, dass sich die transplantierten Haarfollikel mit Ihrer Haut verbinden und nach der Heilung nicht ausfallen oder absterben. Sollte dies nicht der Fall sein, übernehmen wir die Kosten für eine zweite Operation.

Wann sind die Ergebnisse meiner Haartransplantation sichtbar ?

Nach 2 Monaten beginnt Ihr transplantiertes Haar zu wachsen und nach 6 Monaten sehen Sie die Hälfte Ihres Ergebnisses. 12-18 Monate nach der Haartransplantation können Sie das Endergebnis betrachten.​​​​​​